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Did you know that more than 80% of your leads will come from social media?

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Why TortSu?

We know how to generate every lead imaginable, from the most significant litigations in mass torts, to single events. But none of it matters if these leads do not convert to cases. When a lead arrives, our automated intake system gets to work by contacting them through text, and email. We don’t stop until they become a client.

All New leads generated Daily

Every type of lead requires a different marketing approach, and our experts will work with you to create the perfect model.

We then build custom user personas to match the data we gathered through your last marketing campaigns.

We then use these personas to create the perfect AD Sets.

We perform daily audits and make all the adjustments needed to increase conversions.

How It Works

We follow a three-step process that we perfected over the course of several years. First, we generate all the leads you need. Second, we run the leads through our automated intake process to generate responses. Third, we schedule and connect you straight to the case. All of this is easily tracked on our intake dashboard.

Step One: Generate

Before we get started, we’ll spend some time getting to know your law firm, its goals and who your ideal audiences are and set up a highly-effective marketing strategy.

Step Two: Engage

We use powerful automation tools to streamline the intake process, collect all the leads, and effortlessly send them directly to your email.

Step Three: Sign Cases

Our automated system will follow-up with every lead, and send the emails, text messages until each lead is converted into cases.

We bring you the results that matter

Most marketing companies talk a good talk and know how to show their clients a lot of seemingly meaningful numbers and technical words. However, at the end of the day, their weekly or monthly leads is always meager in terms of actual cases collected.

But that’s not us. We don’t want to daze you with apparently positive numbers to justify our competence. We removed all the guesswork by just delivering you all the leads that matter. We will bring you fresh new cases at a constant rate: just make sure that your lawyers are ready to collect them!

20 cases in two weeks

Find out how we increased the number of cases for a bankruptcy lawyer from zero to twenty within two weeks since the campaign launch.

95 leads in one month

We optimized a famous Whistleblowing website advertising campaign raising their click ratio from 1/150 to an outstanding 1/20, and increasing the leads generated to 95 per month.

$120K by spending pennies

Discover how we generated $120K in case referrals for a New York law firm with cerebral palsy leads for a fraction of the average cost.

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