Our lead generation is not based upon magic.

We keep evolving to always stay up to date with the latest novelties and trends in the digital world. We can generate any lead you need and deliver it in real time.

Our System

1) Facebook Business Page

The foundation of any solid Facebook marketing strategy is an optimized Facebook Business Page. A Facebook Business Page allows a lawyer to communicate directly with its clients, “humanizing” your law firm and establishing a solid bond of trust.

Providing a face and a personality to your brand is the simplest and most effective strategy used by every modern business in the digital era.

2) Targeted Audience + Geofencing

If you cast too wide a net, you will waste precious money on people who don’t care about your message. A target audience is a specific group of people with shared characteristics who represent the ideal target for a given campaign. 

Knowing how to reach and address them will do more than just skyrocketing your conversion rates – it will cut your costs by a significant percentage.

3) Custom Written Ads

Ads are a great way to stimulate interactions, show your offers, and grab the attention of targeted audiences. They are the ultimate instrument to reach new leads, especially by using lead forms rather than simple posts.

Our custom written ads are optimized by highly-specialized copywriters who will speak the same language of your targeted audience groups. Just sit down and enjoy the results.

4) Custom Built Landing Pages 

Sometimes a website is not the best place where to send your visitors. Maybe you do not have a specific page about that type of case, or you know that your audiences need a message that is simpler and more direct.

Whatever the case, a landing page is a perfect solution to achieve your ultimate goal: Converting loads of visitors into actual clients of your law firm!

5) Weekly Curation

To build a thriving community, you need time, patience and persistence. Your fans are there because want to know more about your Law Firm, receive useful information from your Facebook page, and learn how you can defend their rights.

Week after week, we will provide fresh and interesting content to grow and maintain your social media base, and keep your followers engaged with your brand.

6) Pixel Tracking with Easy Reporting

Pixel tracking tools will be installed on your main website to create a finely-tuned Facebook / In-site strategy and establish a 360degrees marketing ecosystem.

By following up with user behavior once they land on your site, we can discover any potential weaknesses within the landing pages, and integrate the website functionality with your social media strategy.

A simple, no-cost tool that will help you save a lot of money.

Converting more cases from the same amount of leads is possible

The crucial countdown begins in the very second a lead comes in. If you do not follow up within 10 minutes after the lead comes in, your conversion rate is dropped by more than 50%. Once a lead comes in, the automation process will help you by sending your prospects a series of emails and texts to guide them along the path towards becoming a new client. No one will fall through the cracks anymore.

Extra Services

During all these years working with the largest law firms in the country, we learned a lot about this industry. If you need anything other than our basic services, we will walk the extra mile for you.

Content Pages

We can build terrific pages with unique content and an amazing design to help you improve your SEO rankings, entice your clients, embellish your website or simply empower your marketing strategy. Our experienced content creators developed their own formula to maximize conversions and skyrocket your SEO at the same time. The TortSu writers are not just the average Joe that you can find on Fiver, we got real published authors who wrote books, encyclopedias and even science papers!

Video Ads

Saying that videos are one most effective form of advertising any product or brand is like stating the obvious. A video can quickly deliver your message in just a few seconds and quickly reach even the more distracted user with a couple of flashy images.

Every marketing expert knows that the secret of successfully reaching your audience is being able to evoke emotions. Videos can reach your clients’ hearts, touch their emotional strings, and are easily remembered. Our experts can craft enticing videos that feature compelling story-driven screenplays so the users can relate more to the story and feel the emotions.

Spanish Translations

Today, Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the US. Providing content that could be understood in several languages might help you reach a larger audience and capture the whole Latino audience. Our professional Harvard-graduated translator with 10+ years
of experience can translate English contents into Spanish whenever you want. We can also create new content directly in Spanish if you will!


SEO Services

Many SEO companies will just provide standard services that solely focus on old techniques like increased keyword density, backlinking or website mirroring. Although these techniques can provide you with a temporary spike in website traffic, they will just grant a very brief benefit that will fade out in just a few weeks. We at TortSu specialized and refined our techniques to perfection. We spoke at the Mass Tort Made Perfect and worked for the biggest players in this industry, constantly ranking their websites to the first positions of the Google SERP. When we plan our SEO strategy, we’re shooting an arrow that will surely find its target.

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